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Travel Contact. Why do I have to register? The general rule is that California Penal Code Section requires everyone who has pled no contest, pled guilty, or been convicted of a sex-related offense to register with at least one local law enforcement agency. In California, this is a life-time requirement for most individuals. California is 1 of only 4 states in the nation that has a life-time requirement for all registrants.

Sex Offender Says He’s Too 'Busy' to Register Address

Forty-six states have tiered registries that allow registrants to stop registering in as little as 10 years after their conviction. The offenses also include violent and heinous offenses such as the sexual assault of multiple women or children. For the purpose of registration, almost all offenders are treated the same.

When do I have to register? Most registrants are required to update their information annually within five working days of their birthday. If a registrant moves, he or she must notify the last registering agency in writing within 5 working days of moving and re-register in person if the move is to a new jurisdiction. A registrant is also required to notify the appropriate law enforcement agency if he or she changes his or her name within 5 working days.

May I take an attorney with me when I register? You may have an attorney accompany you when you register. Where do I have to register? Some agencies treat registrants with respect and some do not. Some agencies require prior appointments and some do not. It is not uncommon for registrants to wait several hours during the registration process.

Sex Offender Information

Can I be required to register in more than one location? Individuals who reside at more than one residence address must register at each address regardless of the number of days or nights spent there. If the addresses are in different jurisdictions, the registrant must go to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over each address. What if my offense was committed outside the State of California?

If a sex-related offense was committed outside the State of California, the registrant is very likely to be required to register while living in California. Registrants may be later notified by the California Department of Justice if he or she is not required to register.

California’s expansive registry law forces people to pay for crimes they didn’t personally commit.

How long does it take to register? The registration process can take a few minutes or it can take several hours. Some law enforcement agencies treat registrants with respect while others do not. How can I be relieved from the lifetime requirement to register? Very few Registrants in California are relieved from the requirement to register.

Most of those who are relieved from this requirement have committed a misdemeanor.

Even then, they are first required to observe a waiting period of years, to have their case dismissed and then obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation. See question During annual registration, the registered sex offender is required to verify his or her name and address or temporary location.

What is Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)?

Under state law, some registered sex offenders are not subject to public for which the convicted sex offender is required to register to be disclosed here. Mission The mission of the California Sex Offender Registry is to provide accurate and and the general public concerning sex offender registration in California.

The California Department of Justice categorizes sex offenders as high-risk when his or her criminal history meets the statutory definition of high-risk, which includes offenders who have committed at least two violent offenses, at least one of which was a violent sex offense. Charged with the crime was a convicted sex offender who the Kankas were unaware lived across the street from them.

This website can be accessed by anyone, either on their home computers or at any public access site. There is no longer a need to let them into the police department to use our Terminals. If they do not have a computer at home, there are terminals available at the Fairfax Library for public usage. The site is self-explanatory and easily navigable.

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There is a section that describes the site and a disclaimer that people must read and acknowledge prior to accessing the site. The database can be searched by offender name, by zip code, city and county and neighborhood. Since the website and the CD-ROM that preceded it has been available, the public has helped law enforcement identify offenders who are not registered with the correct address.

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