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  • Why Can't Owners View Technical Service Bulletins?!

Recalls A recall is a notice sent by a vehicle manufacturer to owners of a vehicle advising them that the vehicle has or may have a serious defect that may compromise the safety of the vehicle and that the service departments of that manufacturer's dealers will make any necessary replacements or repairs free of charge. Ordinarily, recalls affect only a portion of the production run of a given year, make and model.

Technical Service Bulletins TSBs Recalls should not be confused with technical service bulletins TSBs which are issued by the manufacturer for less serious problems that affect the normal operation of the vehicle. Sometimes called "secret warranties," TSBs cover known problems and provide repair instructions for service technicians and accordingly are distributed to all of the manufacturer's dealerships.

Unlike recall-related repairs, which are performed on a no-questions-asked basis, TSB repairs are made only to resolve problems that can be verified by dealer service technicians.

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And generally these repairs will be free of charge only if the vehicle is still under warranty. Where can I find a repair manual? Due to recent events in the gulf region Haldex has released inspection and replacement recommendations for their brake and suspension components. Please see the attached technical bulletin for details.

The following two technical bulletins from Bendix provide detailed information on their ASA. ConMet has upgraded the standard oil seal to a National oil seal new part numbers will not be assigned. Bendix now offers a double diaphragm air disc brake spring brake chamber for trailer applications. Webb has produced three training videos detailing their recommended Wheel-End inspection and installation procedures.

This change will be effective January 1, The following bulletin includes a link to installation guide T from Hendrickson in regards to their tire inflation system s. Please read the attached presentation from Hendrickson.

How to Use a Technical Service Bulletin

If you have any questions regarding the information indicated, please contact your Hendrickson service representative at To request the latest download of ACom Diagnostic Software, follow the Bendix link and submit your information. Flood Damage: Bendix recommended procedure for trailer and dolly control systems that may have been submerged. Service instructions for Meritor WABCO components that are submerged in contaminated flood water as a result of the recent hurricanes.

The purpose of this Service Alert is to advise wheel end lubricant inspection and replacement for equipment located in areas of moderate to severe flooding. The following Carrier Transicold bulletin, SER, contains important information about the proper usage and design of the specific lift-gate charging system noted above. Dealer or others frequently install rear liftgates on trailers after original manufacture, thereby affecting the placement of the required conspicuity tape on the bumper and rear of trailer. The following area map lists the Maxon representatives that may be contacted for technical assistance on their liftgates.

Bustin Industrial Products, Inc. The improper use of caustics, acids brighteners , and bleaches in cleaning solutions is increasing at an alarming rate and demands immediate action. Rockland Flooring has issued the attached Bulletin to define the application procedure of Gluzilla for hardwood flooring. Clearance and side marker lamps can be designed to meet two different sets of photometric angles light angles depending on the application of the lamp s.

Grote has released the following the following Technical Tips bulletin on Fluorescent Dome lamp voltage requirements.

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Phillips Industries has developed the attached TroubleShooting Guide to provide an easy to follow method of isolating and correcting problems on the PermaLogic Controller installed on Utility trailers. This bulletin addresses cleaning and polishing of stainless steel; with special attention to welding stainless steel. This bulletin addresses recommended practices for protecting the paint finish on a new trailer specifically during corrosive winter months.

This bulletin describes different kinds of corrosion and the affect of dust control chemicals, such as, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. This bulletin addresses de-icing chemicals; including, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and sodium chloride.

How to get Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for Your Car

This bulletin provides technical information on Oakite 33, a liquid acidic compound designed for removing light grease, oils, shop dirt, flux, oxides and heat scale; as well as, cleaning stainless steel and preparing metals for painting. This bulletin address the improper use of caustics, acids brigteners and bleaches in your cleaning solutions and their affects.

ALCOA has now made available a technical bulletin for trouble shooting and maintaining the aluminum wheel. Service Bulletins.

TSB by VIN number

Download PDF. Rear Bumper Requirements, Maintenance and Replacement. Hendrickson wheel seal upgrade on non-preset air disc brake specifications. Please see the attached announcement from Stemco regarding approved lubricants.

The alerts can help you save money and might reveal safety issues with your car

This tool provides you with a searchable collection of technical service bulletins ( TSB) by vehicle year, make, model, trim level, and transmission or by VIN. Get Free Technical Service Bulletins. CarMD offers a If you're not sure what a TSB is, here is a good description on Wikipedia. Enter vehicle year Engine. Submit. or enter VIN Check out our other free services here.

Service instructions for heavy vehicle components that are submerged in contaminated floodwater. Inspection and Servicing Procedures for Flood Impact. Inspection and servicing procedures for flood impacted vehicles. Hendrickson technical procedures for trailer suspension systems.