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So take a look at your policy. Staying hydrated is good for you and sipping on the water will help keep you awake while driving.

To know more about how you can save on food and drink while traveling, take a look at this article. So, prepare your collection, charge your phone or iPod, and combine that perfect blend of music and roadside scenery. Also, consider looking into audiobooks. Whether you are a fan of fiction, politics, or history, listening to an audiobook is a great way to pass those long hours on the road.

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As well as podcasts…. All countries have different rules for driving on the road. So, do your research before so you can respect these local laws, stay safe , and avoid a ticket. I know that these days basically everyone has a GPS or that you can rent one along with the car. As an alternative, you can check your trip itinerary on Google Maps before your trip and then print it. For many countries, you can rent a car with your license from back home. Take a look at my article about the 3 best and cheapest travel insurances on the market to learn more.

How I get my RENTAL CARS for the low low!- car Rental Tips and Tricks

Renting a car falls in with plane tickets, accommodation, and travel insurance as one of the biggest trip costs. Any questions about renting cars? WorldNomads is ideal for adventurous travelers, backpackers, or anyone looking to be protected during their trip. They cover almost every single activity you can image! Already reserved your hotel or hostel? If not, we recommend Booking.

They have a huge selection of hotels and hostels all over the world.

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Plus, in most cases, you can cancel your reservation without any costs up to a few days before the check-in date! Take a look at Momondo. If you want to hear about new articles, check out our latest pictures, and read our newest updates, be sure to follow us here….

Whether it be for legal problems or simply because of the lack of rental car options, we have to use other forms of overland transportation: taxis, buses, and […]. You do you, […]. Everything seems almost deserted, without many people, stores, and less cars than you would expect for such a large avenue. You should be careful when taking pictures, […]. For that reason, I would also perhaps also avoid driving a scooter […]. They were the highlight of my trip, and so […]. At Minsk airport, there are several international car rental companies. And as Guam is relatively small, we decided that we could just rent and car and explore most of the island during the time of our connection.

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Timing can be everything when looking for a rental car—you might find a low rate , say at $25 per day, but if you sit and wait for a lower price. to find your ideal rental car. Find the car rental you want and you could save up to 40%. How does KAYAK find such low rental car prices? KAYAK compares.

AirTkt, Booking. The search process starts the same on most car rental sites — entering in dates, times, and pickup and dropoff locations — and the modifiers are the same — selecting your car type, preferred car rental agency, and your preferences on features.

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As a result, we were less forgiving on websites that were even slightly harder to use than their competitors. We cut an additional four sites for not being able to find or load results for car rental searches.

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As much as we loved Booking. Cheapair similarly told us no cars were available, while FareBuzz and OneTravel failed to load a results page at all — no matter how long we kept our browser running. We cut several websites for having an immediately off-putting design. We also wanted the best car rental sites to give us a map of possible locations, and we wanted the map to be useful. We liked having a map when we looked for rental agencies within a city and could visually see whether a company was on the north or south side of Seattle and when we looked specifically at rental agencies near the airport.

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This left us with seven travel websites, including four websites from the Expedia Group: CheapTickets, Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity; two sister websites, Priceline and Kayak; and one lone wolf, Skyscanner. For these remaining sites, we wanted to find not just any car, but the right car.

Always Check the Car Rental Sites

All seven websites had passed the initial hurdle of finding any available cars to rent. To make sure that they were tracking down prices from the right websites, we took it a step further and verified that all the top rental car companies with high customer satisfaction ratings were represented. While we wanted to see low rates, we also wanted to be getting them from reputable agencies.

All seven passed with flying colors. We were thoroughly impressed with Priceline. Again, we liked how Priceline. We were also impressed with how easy Priceline. The less work you have to do finding a deal, the quicker you can get to where you need to go.

The 13 Best Websites for Finding Cheap Car Rentals

Pickup Date. Return Date. Driver aged between 25 - Airport shuttles. Book a transfer. Car rental. Popular car rental destinations. Today's price is based on the average of the lowest prices found on Skyscanner for each of the past 15 days.