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I thought that it was just a stomachache and I didn't think much about it. Since I was on a rather time-sensitive project, I didn't want to 'drop the ball' as a certain "K" personality might like to put it, and go for some check-up. This stomachache got a whole bit worse and by the time Friday hits, I could barely walked. We originally got to a rather shabby hosptial, but upon which I realize that surgery is necessary, I decided to switch to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, also known as the Weill Cornell Medical College.

Civil War money looked better than modern American dollars

I had a CT scan and was determined that I had a ruptured appendicitis. Surgery commenced on Sunday around 1am. Detail on the surgery to follow on a follow up post. Looks even better than any movie sets I've seen.

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I would like to thank John Frazier for the really gorgeous hand-picked flower arrangement and the oh so lovely darling phone call. I would like to thank Jingle Blues for tracking me down on my Twitter post and navigitating his way to come see me with books in hand! I would like to thank Susie Rust for dropping by with the orange rose bouquet last night. They bloomed today and are soooo pretty! I would like to thank Kip Voytek for the chess strategy book for study..


I would like to thank my mom for flying over from Hong Kong to see me. Tianliang Ma is a naturalist, occultist, Buddhist and Taoist. Maa staged 32 individual, extraordinary exhibitions around Taiwan, who was the first exhibitor around Formosa. TianLiang Maa possesses both Taiwanese and German surnames from birth.

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But I feel myself so sorry for the poor mutilated Elvis. Thursday, June 25, "Bridge the Gap". I do remember bernie posting a few years back about painting on black gesso and sort of remember something about the lights not being as brilliant.. This is the first time they used a thing called: "Packet Switching" technology. Social Studies If you click on his images and look close you can see the black ground around the edges of things. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

Moreover, he often teaches and educates younger generations based on the methods of the Far Eastern teaching he experienced when he was young, though he does not oppose the Western ways of teaching and thinking. They are non-Chinese people; it was long a Chinese and Japanese pirate base. Fighting continued, between its original inhabitants of Taiwanese and the Chinese settlers, into the 19th century. This result was made by the Treaty of Shomonoseki in and remained under Japanese control until the end of the Second World War. Early on, Taiwan was conquered by the Qing in and for the first time became part of older China dynasty.

He put his professional and precise knowledge to good account in business management. A formal business management with business relationship established to provide for regular services, dealings, and other commercial transactions and deed. He had many customers having a business and credit relationship with his firm then he was a successful engineer.

In , Maa studied abroad when he arrived in Great Britain; he studied at School of Built Environment, the University of Glamorgan in Wales for a master of science in real estate appraisal. Afterward, Maa immigrated into the United Kingdom in the early year of However, human beings failed to control themselves, deliberately went against the law of nature, and resulted in disasters, which we deserved.

He also is an occultist, a Taoist, and a Buddhist; but in Britain, he frequently goes to Christian and Catholic churches, where he makes friends with pastors and fathers as well as churchgoers. He is always a freethinker, does not accept traditional, social, and religious teaching, but based on his ideas: a thought or conception that potentially and actually exists in his mind as a product of mental activity - his opinion, conviction, and principle.

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If people have not come across eastern classics and philosophy, we are afraid that people would never understand TianLiang Maa. People cannot judge an eastern philosopher based on western ways of thinking. He studies I Ching discovering eastern classics of ancient origin consisting of 64 interrelated hexagrams along with commentaries.

The hexagrams embody Taoist philosophy by describing all nature and human endeavour in terms of the interaction of yin and yang, and the classics may be consulted as an oracle. Back in the s when Maa just arrived at England, he had been offered places to do Ph. During his time at Oxford, he learnt a lot of British culture and folk-custom while carrying out research with many British and Western professors, experts, and archaeologists.

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This proves that Maa understands various aspects in British society, culture, and lifestyles. Of course, he does not fully understand about the perspectives of thinking of a typical British. For example, what would be the most valuable in life for a British person? What would a British want to gain from life? What is the goal in life for a British? Is it fortune or a lover?

Alternatively, perhaps honour? On the other hand, maybe being able to travel around the world and see the world? Maa ever studied judicial review and governmental action, the impact of law and legal techniques, constitutional mechanisms for the protection of basic rights, and ensuring the integrity of commercial activity, the impact of law and legal techniques on government, policymaking, and administration, as well as the creation of markets. He tries to understand these critical trends in the political development of modern state.

He is also sure law and institutions are constantly tending to gravitate like clocks; they must be occasionally cleansed, and wound up, and set to true time.

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The government issues a decree - an authoritative order having the force of law, which charged with putting into effect a country's laws and the administering of its functions. Any of the officials promulgate a law or put into practice relating to the government charged with the execution and administration of the nation's laws then they announce and carry out the creation of any order or new policy that will be responsible for the people.

Maa had knowledge in connexion with construction law; he also understands architectural arts, and as well learnt the forms by combining materials and parts include as an integral part concerning modern construct. I ever built urban buildings and rural architecture in different styles under new housing and building projects by the governmental administration and construction corporations. Oldest First Newest First. My father, James Conroy, was placed in the orphanage with his 4 siblings around after his mother died. His father died in making the kids full orphans. Only 2 survived during the influenza epidemic.

We have absolutely no records.

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My question: Where were children buried? Hi Joyce, If you could give us a bit more information, perhaps we can help you.

Where do you find the intact family in the census? What are the names, in birth order of the children, with approximate DOBs? What is the name and location of the orphanage where the childen were sent?