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How Do Re-marriage and Cohabitation Affect Alimony in Maryland?

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Likewise, if you just paid off your car loan, you cannot list the monthly car payment that you were paying each of the last twelve months. If you are paid bi-weekly and use your most recent pay stub to identify your income and deductions, make sure you multiply the income or deduction on your pay stub by 26 and divide by 12 to get your monthly totals.

When listing credit card monthly expenses, make sure you do not double count expenses that you pay on your credit card by also listing your monthly credit card payments. Try creating an excel spreadsheet to keep track of your monthly expenses, so that you or your attorney can easily find support for the expenses listed on your Financial Statement.

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Failure to make a claim for alimony as part of a divorce means that you The court will consider a long list of factors in deciding if you or your. Your success in a claim for alimony depends on a wide range of factors. How long have you been married? If you do not make the claim now as part of your Maryland divorce, you will never be able to change your mind and go back to the .

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LIMITED DIVORCE vs. ABSOLUTE DIVORCE: What is the Difference and Which Do I Need and When?

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All rights reserved. Any major changes to Maryland divorce laws are published between January and April so make sure you stay up to date. For individualized advice, see an attorney. Make A Payment Contact Us. Alimony Quiz Your success in a claim for alimony depends on a wide range of factors. If an annulment is allowed, it can take place in Maryland even if the invalid, void or voidable marriage happened elsewhere. Did you find this information helpful?

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Typically, no. The parties to the agreement, however, can agree to make changes later on, but absent such agreement, the Court is typically unable to change non-modifiable alimony.

If the alimony is court-ordered, then upon a material change in circumstances, either party is able to go back to the Court to request that the alimony be modified. So if the party ordered to pay alimony has a financial change that makes her or him unable to pay, then he or she can seek a modification of the obligation. The Court may consider a request to modify alimony if the party seeking the modification proves that a material change of circumstances has occurred since the time the alimony was ordered.

Unless the parties agree otherwise, alimony terminates when either party dies, when the person receiving the alimony gets remarried, or if the court finds that termination is necessary to avoid a harsh and inequitable result. The law recently changed on this issue.

In Maryland, prior to January 1, , unless the parties agreed otherwise, alimony was taxable income to the person receiving the alimony and deductible by the person paying the alimony. Therefore, the payment of alimony is not a deduction for the payor and the receipt of an alimony payment does not generate a tax obligation for the payee.