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Plaintiff: Mohammed El-Hanini.

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Charles Parish Jail, St. Tammany Jail, Unidentified Parties. Treadwell v. Strain et al Filed: June 8, as cv Plaintiff: Alfred Treadwell. Defendant: Jack Strain, St. Tammany Parish Jail Medical Department and others.

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Stevens relies upon a series of e-mails in support of her assertion that the Parish failed to provide her with the requested surveys, the Court finds that these e-mails indicate that Mr. Gerald Nielsen, et al Filed: September 22, as Thereafter, by Order dated December 21, , supplemental briefing to be filed on or before January 31, , was requested from the parties on the following two issues:. When was St. Government Access Channel View St.

Giray Biyiklioglu v. Tammany Parish Jail, et al Filed: March 8, as Defendant - Appellee: ST.

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The St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court's office is an agent for the Louisiana Vital Records Registry, and is able to process Marriage License applications, and. The Clerk of Court's Civil Department offers support staff for the 22nd Judicial District Court and Louisiana Protective Order Registry N. Columbia Street, Covington, LA St. Tammany Parish Administrative Complex (Towers Building).

Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit. Christopher Buckenberger v. Gerald Nielsen, et al Filed: September 22, as Miner v.

Former Louisiana sheriff charged with sex crimes

Tammany Parish Jail et al Filed: August 5, as cv Plaintiff: Kirk Miner. Tammany Parish Jail, Dr. French, J Hughes and others. Maldonado v. Tammany Parish Jail Filed: July 30, as cv Plaintiff: Salvador Ordonez Maldonado.

Tammany Parish Jail. Tammany Parish Jail, et al Filed: July 20, as Subscribe Now. During the entire time in the program you will be required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous OR Narcotics Anonymous meetings 3 times per week these meetings are conducted at all times of day any day of the week. During the first year of the program you will be attending Substance Abuse Counseling either during the day or at night beginning at approximately times per week for the first 8 to 12 weeks as long as you are meeting program requirements , then twice per week for approximately the next 16 to 24 weeks, and then once per week for approximately the following 12 to 16 weeks.

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This all depends upon individual progress. You can expect to submit random drug screens on any day from Sunday to Saturday approximately twice per week for most of the first year of the program. By the time you have advanced to Phase IV you will be drug screening once every two weeks. You will also be required to attend court one day per week either on Wednesday or Thursday.

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After you pass the initial 8 to 12 weeks your court appearances will we reduced to once every other week. Eventually you will come to court once a month. If you have not graduated from high school or obtained a GED you will be expected to do so if you are capable by the time you complete the program. Tammany Parish.

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Drug Court has a system in which we encourage you to meet the requirements of the program through progressive sanctions i. Please note that if you consistently demonstrate that you cannot remain sober you may be referred to 28 day treatment or a halfway house. If after several failed attempts at rehabilitation you choose to continue to be in noncompliance with the program you will be dismissed from the program and your fate is determined by your Probation Officer and Judge.

Drug Court requires all of the previously mentioned conditions. You must attend meetings, submit random drug screens, and attend counseling at specified times that cannot and will not be negotiated. If you choose not to participate you will have to appear before your sentencing judge on the Drug Court Eligibility Date given to you by the court.

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At that time the judge will re-sentence you according to the law, which defines what consequences you face as a result of the charge you have been convicted of. Examples include: removing Drug Court as a condition of your probation, imposing the full sentence, ordering you to attend another substance abuse program, submitting drug screens randomly, attending a halfway house or 28 day treatment facility, etc. If you were sentenced under Article or of the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure you are eligible to have your convictions expunged which means that they would not be visible if a background check were run except by law enforcement, and various professional occupational licensing boards such as the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners, Nursing Board, Dental Board, Board of Psychology, etc.

Additionally, you may be eligible to have your probation terminated early upon successful completion of the 22nd Judicial District Drug Court Program if you were sentenced under Article For example, if you were sentenced to 5 years suspended sentence 5 years probation you would theoretically be able to complete probation in two years provided you meet all Drug Court and Probation requirements. We will still evaluate you as requested by the court. Your probation will be transferred to the area in which you live and we will do our best to find appropriate substance abuse treatment.

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Program requirements are subject to change at any time. Please hold any further questions that you may have during your interview or Drug Court Orientation session. Skip to content. Criteria To be eligible for the program, the defendant must meet the following criteria: Defendant cannot have any prior felony conviction for any offense defined as a homicide in R.

The crime before the court cannot be a crime of violence as defined in R. Other criminal proceedings alleging commission of a crime of violence as defined in R. Charge cannot be DWI that resulted in the death of a person. The Drug Court Treatment Program staff has reason to believe that the individual charged suffers from alcohol and drug addiction.