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What are the costs for e-filing? O nline payments will also include a minimal convenience charge by the credit card vendor. Regular filing fees for both civil and real estate still apply If you have questions give me a call! I will help you streamline your filings today!

Disclaimer The Clerk of Superior Court is committed to providing quality customer service. If you have questions about what to file or your legal rights, please seek the advice from an attorney licensed to practice law in Georgia.

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Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Anne L. Contact the local court directly with questions about jury duty, an upcoming court date, or getting a copy of a document in your case if it isn't available online. The Indiana Supreme Court approves local court rules in only these areas: selection of special judges in civil and criminal cases, court reporter services, caseload allocation plans, and service as an acting judge in another court, county, or district. All other local court rules are adopted without Supreme Court approval. This county has not yet opted to use the statewide Odyssey case management system, so their cases aren't available at mycase. See the official county website link above or contact the clerk's office to find out how to get information about cases in this county. Let's not get complacent because the babysitter is very nice or the remodeling specialist you're about to let into your home for a week is a pleasant talker.

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I'm not saying lets get negative about everybody but conducting a bit of research on just about any individual can be done with a few keyboard strokes. So where should I head to do a free background check in Colorado?

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The simple reply is finding genuine Colorado public record portals. Majority of county and state public record websites may be researched completely free. The big positive for using local sources to conduct a background checks is they are cost-free usually. The drawback however is that the data is city or county based. For a more detailed background search you'll need to perform a nationalized check. To do a nationwide check work with a webpage like FreePeopleScan.

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Anyone can request information that is in the possession of a government office, including the Secretary of State's office. Records of the court available on the Internet.

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Access to trial court case documents and Files is not available directly through the Colorado Judicial Branch website. Copies of court documents also are not available on the site.

Colorado public records : The Colorado State Archives holds a wide variety of public records. For specific information regarding our records, please click one of the links below.

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Colorado arrest records : The computerized criminal history CCH database contains detailed information of arrest records based upon fingerprints provided by Colorado law enforcement agencies. Arrests which are not supported by fingerprints will not be included in this database.

Additionally, warrant information, sealed records, and juvenile records are not available to the public.